Dangle Earrings: Preserves Jar

This is another one of those wishful thinking earrings.  I am the typical millennial—I have no idea how to can or preserve food.  I am pretty sure my mom does not know how either, but I have never actually thought to ask.  In the same vein, I think my Grandmothers probably DID know how, but once again I never asked and unfortunately no longer have the ability to do so.  But from what I understand, it was a pretty common skill back in their day, especially for those in the Midwest.  It is kind of amazing how quickly skills can disappear within generations when technology gets involved.  It is only recently I have found an appreciation for those “old school” skills that many no longer think about.  So here’s to all my “old school” ladies keeping it real in the 21st Century.


Stud Earrings: BSA Logo

While my previous attempt at Scouting earrings was somewhat general (campfire earrings), this one is pretty on the nose.  For those uninitiated, the above earrings are a black and white version of the Boy Scouts of America’s logo.  They are my go-to earrings for scouting events.  Due to their size and monochromatic color, many people do not instantly recognize them, only noticing after closer inspection.  But I love that they are a subtle way to show my family’s connection to scouting.


Stud Earrings: Artist Palette

I really wish I could draw.  Or paint.  Or something else equally impressive and artistic.  But I can’t.  I seriously, seriously can’t.  I honestly cannot even draw a straight line . . . even with a ruler!  So, these earrings are more of a wishful thinking.  And I thought they were really cute.  So, hat tip to all those out there with actual talent and not wanna bees like me!


Stud Earrings: Ferris Wheel

If I am being honest, I have never been on a Ferris Wheel.  I don’t like heights, and they have never appealed to me for that reason.  But I do like the County Fair.  It is a time honored tradition in the Midwest. I have never exhibited at the Fair myself, but I have known many who do (the Carnival and the food trucks are more my scene).  But if anything typifies the County Fair and Carnival, it has to be a Ferris Wheel.   So, despite the fact I hate heights, I HAD to make some Ferris Wheel earrings.   And I will wear them proudly while studiously avoiding that particular ride at the Fair.


Mini Perler: Black Panther

This is going to be one of many Superhero mini-perler figures I will be posting.  The theme for Cub Scout Camp this year was Superheroes, so I made these for the boys (and a few girls) at camp.  Several of the patterns I used were from Pinterest, but this one is my own design.  I just could not find a Black Panther pattern I liked that fit within my size requirements to convert into a pin.  So, this was my first attempt at an original design.  On a side note, hero costumes that are all the same color are HARD.  But pretty happy with how it turned out.


Dangle Earrings: Blue Passport


I fully admit, I am not well traveled.  The whole Autonomic Nervous System Disorder thing tends to make traveling pretty difficult.  Air travel in particular has been unpleasant.  Airlines have lots of room for improvement when it comes to assisting those with disabilities.  But,  even if I can’t travel in person, I can dream about it and wear it! Here’s to all those who can’t follow the wanderlust in their hearts!




Mini Perler: Tardis Pin

I have no problem letting my Nerd flag fly.  I embrace it, baby.  Thus , one of my first mini-perler projects was a mini Tardis pin.  It is based off a design I found on Pinterst, but shrunk down even further to make it pin size.  Minimalism at its finest.

I used a tie tack pin on the back (not pictured).  I prefer tie tack pins vs. others, mainly due to the fact I like to use pin locks.  I have yet to EVER have a pin fall off when I used pin locks.  I highly suggest them.

And finally, the question I am sure you all have–Who is my favorite Doctor.  This one is tough.   Christopher Eccleston will always have a special place in my heart, as he was my first Doctor.  Tennant was, of course, great.  And Smith was the Doctor with my favorite companions, Amy and Rory.  Honestly, I am not sure I can pick just one.

If Dr. Who is your thing, be sure to subscribe, I have no doubt there will be more coming (so many plans!)